After serving in the navy in World War II Ralph Covelli Sr. returned home and joined the workforce. He began by sweeping the floors in a factory, but quickly worked his way up. Ralph worked in garment factories, and then fabric cutting rooms, learning on the job just how the industry worked.

In 1955 Ralph founded Paddy Lee Fashions after years of working in the garment industry in various capacities. With only a 4th grade education, Ralph set out to start his own business, and be his own boss, the true fulfillment of the American dream. With a wife and 4 children depending on him, he turned his dream into a success, landing huge accounts such as JC Penny, and Sears. Paddy Lee Fashions quickly became one of the leading garment manufacturers in the United States.

60 years, and 3 generations later Paddy Lee Fashions continues to thrive in an industry that has almost totally moved overseas. All of our factories and cutting rooms are located in the United States in Long Island City, NY! Here at Paddy Lee we believe in quality manufacturing and impeccable service, while providing jobs and stimulating the economy of America.


To another 60 years!

The Paddy Lee Team